SWISS ALPS 100. 2023



How to use the GPS Tracker guide

Geo Tracks are proud to be supplying the GPS tracking for 2023 Swiss Alps 100.

Please note the following points: 
To maximise battery life on our Geo Tracks 4G trackers the 160Km and and 100KM trackers will be issued in the start pen on the morning of the event. This ensures the tracker is on and has suitable battery range to cover the time allowed for each distance. 

Tracker Collection Times:
  • 160KM. Issued at the start on Friday from 06:30 - 08:15 (start is 08:30)
  • Vert. Issued at the start on Friday from 08:35 - 08:55 (start is 09:00)
  • 100KM. Issued at the start on Saturday from 04:00 - 06:15 (start at 06:30)
  • 50KM. Issued on Friday at check in from 17:00 - 20:00 and from 04:00 - 05:45 (start at 06:00)
  • Fly. Issued on Saturday at the start from 09:00 - 09:50 (start at 10:00)
Other Notes

  • Your tracker will be issued turned on, fully charged and ready to go 
  • The 160KM runners have a bigger tracker, it has a bigger battery that will last the longer duration of the event
  • You do not need to do anything to your tracker
  • The GPS tracker is issued in a waterproof case DO NOT remove the GPS Tracker from the waterproof case 
  • Stow the tracker in an external pocket of your running rucksack. Keep it away from other equipment that might block the GPS signal such as a foil blanket
  • DO NOT stow the tracker in the main compartment of your running rucksack. Chances are it will find its way to the bottom of the bag and lose GPS signal if you do 
  • We do have race belts the tracker can be stowed in. Please ask if you would like to use one of these 
  • Please DO NOT leave the event with out handing your tracker back to check point staff or at the finish   
  • When you finish please ensure you return your GPS tracker at the finish
  • In the rare circumstance your GPS tracker becomes 'frozen' on the tracking app, you need to reset the GPS tracker (Not for 160km Tracker). See the diagram for further information 
  • GPS tracking is an aide to navigation and should not be used as your sole means of navigation 

How to View the live GPS Tracking

To view the live tracking event as a spectator, follower or participant it is highly recommended that you use the Geo Tracks App. The App enables the user to:
  • Only view / follow selected trackers, not the whole entry field
  • View the location of the user. The App connects to your phones GPS unit. Very useful for meeting up with a participant on the course
  • Auto follow your chosen participant
Please note:
  • The App needs a good 4G signal or WiFi to operate
  • The App is £3.99 to download. The cost helps to cover the devlopment and operational costs plus tax and fess to apple / google stores
  • Please see this link for App instructions