Geo Tracks uses GPS, GPRS and M2M technologies along with its own software development team to provide incredibly accurate location tracking both through a live view web portal and a mobile device app. More details below in our FAQ section.

How long does the battery last?

Geo Tracks has two types of trackers available for event hire, the smaller one lasts for approx 10 hours live tracking and the larger tracker approx 70 hours live tracking. There are many variables that effect the battery life such as signal strength, temperature and upload frequency. If your event is more than a day you need the 70 hour tracker. If your event is shorter like a trial marathon or 100 mile bike ride the smaller 10 hour tracker should be fine. Dimensions and weights of the trackers can be found on the product page of each tracker. We do also have a stock of 400 hour / 150 day standby trackers should they be required.

How does the tracker 'talk' back to the Geo Tracks website?

In simple terms the trackers talk back to our dedicated server via the mobile phone network. So a signal is needed but it only needs a very low amount to send a packet of data to the server.

What SIM card does the tracker use?

Geo Tracks uses M2M sim cards. These cards deal in data only and work on the 2g network and connect to the strongest signal from any mobile provider. They require a mobile phone signal to transmit your GPS location data back to our server.

How do I know where to look to see the tracker?

If you are taking part in an event that is using Geo Tracks Trackers then the event organiser will have a link to the live tracking view page. If the link has not been published by them or you can always down load the Geo Tracks app and search for the event.

What areas are covered by the tracker?

Anywhere. Our trackers work across the UK and Europe and in North America and China. Please check the list of countries below to ensure your covered: Albania Austria Belarus Belgium Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria Croatia Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Estonia Finland France Germany Greece Hungary Ireland Italy Kosovo Latvia Lithuania Luxembourg Malta Montenegro Netherlands North Macedonia Poland Portugal Romania Russia Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Ukraine United Kingdom Switzerland Norway

What happens if there is no phone signal?

Your tracker location on the live view map will stay in its last know position until it's moved back into an area of mobile signal. It will then jump to your location on the map.

What is the live full view screen view?

This is a webpage that is full size to your screen you are viewing the page on. It shows as much of the map that the event area is in as possible.

How often does the tracker icon on the map update?

The live view screen updates every 12 seconds. The trackers are pre programmed to update there location dependent on the length of the event. A longer upload frequency will improve battery life. For shorter (less than 10 hours) the upload frequency will be every 10 seconds. For longer events with a larger battery tracker every 10 seconds can still be achieved but again for a longer battery life this could be extended to once every 10 minutes. Please get in contact with us if you wish to specify requirements for the uplaod frequency

Whats the best way to view my tracker?

There are a few ways to watch your tracker. The simplest way to view your tracker is by down loading the Geo Tracks App. You need to know the event ID and your bib number. The app then centers on your tracker.