School Trips

Providing a bespoke tracking service for leaders to locate D of E teams on exercise. Increasing safety and navigational assistance to staff.

A cost-effective approaching to GPS tracking Geo Tracks provides a software licensing system and long battery life GPS Tracker system specifically for managing teams on exercise.

The system includes:

  • Provision of a live overview screen to view all the tracker locationsConsole view showing status of trackers
  • Own portal login to the Tracking Software Program
  • Ability to name each tracker and bespoke the live view logo
  • Ability to set up geo fence checkpoints and out of bounds areas
  • Mobile phone app showing the live view screen for ease of use 
  • Course overview trace
  • Tracker hire or sale. Variety of battery life available 
  • Yearly subscription fee and per use tracker fee. POA
  • Option to buy or hire trackers  
  • Staff and team icons. Both staff members and D of E teams can be shown on the same live view. Giving leaders greater command and control of the exercise

Please get in touch if you would to discuss GPS tracking and how we can help.