Personal Safety Trackers

Like many businesses there is often a story behind why it was created. This is very much the case with Geo Tracks. Our Managing Director Ben has been organising challenges all over the world for over 20 years and it was on a challenge in Spain in 2019 that the idea for Geo Tracks was formed.

The event was run in very challenging conditions and for a short while a group of participants were lost and the event organisers were unable to track them down. This became very concerning, especially as the weather was so bad and the participants were wet and tired. Thankfully the group were found and they were all fine, but it made Ben realise that this situation could have been avoided if the participants were all carrying a GPS tracker, which would have enabled the support team to locate them and retrieve them from the awful conditions much quicker.

After two years of successfully hiring trackers out to events, groups and individuals and some outstanding feedback, Geo Tracks will soon be selling trackers too. This will enable adventurers to track their sporting adventures all year round.

Meet The Team

  • Ben Mason

    Founder and driving force behind Geo Tracks.

    Ben uses his background as a Royal Marine Commando and experience as a successful event organizer to manage GPS Tracking on a mass scale. 

    He has tested the hardware and the software in all extremes and can successfully report back that it works!


  • Jonathan White

    Developer and Software Engineer

    Jon is the brains behind Geo Tracks and has been active in the GPS programming world for most of his career. He works full time on maintaining and developing the Geo Tracks software systems and servers.

  • Lorraine Meeks

    Finance Director

    Lorraine brings a wealth of experience from the financial world and has the arduous task of managing the company finances and chasing the team for their receipts!

  • Calum Frampton

    Marketing Manager

    Calum has been organising and marketing challenge events for over 20 years and brings a wealth of experience to the Geo Tracks team. Calum has been lucky enough to take part in trekking and cycling challenges all over the world and his biggest achievement to date was trekking to Everest Base Camp. Having experienced challenges as an event organiser and as a participant, Calum understands the value Geo Tracks can add to an event.

  • Tony Owen

    Operations Manager

    Tonys brings 20 years of service in the police force which gives an exacting eye for detail when delivering GPS tracking at events. 

  • Mark van Hoorn

    European Manager

    Mark heads up the Geo Tracks organisation for event tracking and sales in Europe. Mark is an experienced, ultra-runner and event organiser, which gives him an in-depth understanding of the requirements for successful tracking.

  • Eddie Wassink

    Marketing Manager Europe

    Eddie is in charge of European marketing for Geo Tracks. Eddie has been at the forefront of his own sporting event company since 2010 and adds his wealth of experience of successful event marketing to GPS Tracking.

  • MShafeeq

    South- East Asia Representative

    Since graduating from Univeristy, MShaffeeq has been a professional mountain guide in Malaysia. He actively organises and participates in Mountaineering Expeditions, Adventure Races and Orienteering competitions in the region. MShaffeeq is heading up our sales and operations in Malaysia and South-East Asia.