Event Tracker Hire

We provide a cost effect solution to help event organisers operate a safe event whilst adding value for your participants. We provide GPS Trackers, Live View Tracking Maps and Event Timing to keep your challengers on track. Our prices start from just £5 per tracker!

Geo Tracks provide GPS Tracking to:

How we Track Your Event

  • Create 

    Share your event route and check points with us and we will do the ...
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  • Share 

    We provide you with your unique event URL to share the tracking map...
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  • Live Tracking

    On event day the process is very simple, turn the GPS Trackers on a...
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  • Results and Playback

    Using Geo Fencing and RFID, the Geo Tracks system can produce accur...
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The Geo Tracks Live GPS Tracking System

The above map is a demo event of our 'Live View Tracking Map'. The Geo Tracks team create this bespoke map for the event organizer to share with the staff, participants and supporters. The link is sent as a URL via email, whatsapp or any other media service. https://www.geotracks.co.uk/live/1399

Map Features:

  • Display the entry list
  • Live Leader Board (Click the lighting bolt)
  • Results, once the event is finished results, splits and playback can be viewed here
  • Elevation, click here to show the course elevation
  • Search, click on the magnify glass to quickly search the map by name or bib number
  • Partipant markers. When clicked they show further information relative to the pre defined route
  • Event logo. Linked to the event website
  • QR code. For quick sharing on mobile devices

Special features (by request)

  • Pacer. A tracking icon shows on the course moving at a chosen pace, useful for events against the clock or where a target pace is to be maintained
  • Distance markers. As the route is zoomed into more course distance markers appear
  • Deep Links, each participant can have their own link to share. The map orientates its self on there tracker each time it is refreshed
  • Organiser system login. Use the Geo Tracks system to help manage your event


What makes Geo Tracks different from other GPS Tracking Companies?

We own all of equipment outright, our head developer is a part owner of the business and we are in this for the long-haul, so we are able to offer the most competitive price in the market, we also include all of our services in our price. There are no setup fees and 24-hour support is included. Our standard price is just £5 per tracker!

The team behind Geo Tracks have been organising challenges all around the world for over 20 years and we know the events industry inside out! We have built our system to solve problems we have encountered over the years and we are confident our system will add a huge amount of value to your event, for both you are the event organisers and your partcipants.