Elderly and children

Keep whats important to you safe.

Geo Trackers can be used to keep a eye on some one you care about. Wether its a young child playing on the beach, a new driver taking the car out or an elderly relative who needs extra care.

Using the our mobile app you can set:

  • Perimeters and alerts. Using geo fencing technology you can simply and quickly set up areas that if the tracker goes in or out off you get a text message to your phone alerting you
  • Over speed alarms. Be alerted if your car is traveling over a set speed
  • SOS button, input mobile phone numbers to be alerted if the SOS buton is activated

Whats included

The Geo Trackers come ready to go, a m2m data sim card is installed and the 

Global Coverage

All of Tracking Centre's trackers are supplied with a global roaming sim card. This not only enables tracking in our supported countries across the globe, but it means that unlike your mobile phone, your tracker is able to connect to multiple cellular networks, meaning you get the best possible signal.