Tracker Hire for Events

We understand cost is a big issue for events hiring GPS Trackers. 

We have two simple options:

Option 1: Tiered pricing

For trackers hired by the organiser. Hire price drops after the first 100 trackers.

Option 2: Event partner

Event participants hire trackers directly from Geo Tracks and the event organiser receives a share of the income. Hire prices typically start from £8. 


Tiered pricing hire costs:

Type  Amount Cost 
70 hour battery life tracker 1 - 100  £8 each
70 hour battery life tracker
101 - 200 £7 each
70 hour battery life tracker
201 - 300 £6 each
70 hour battery life tracker
301 - 400 £5.5 each
70 hour battery life tracker
401 - 500+ £5 each
10 hour battery life tracker 1 - 100 £5 each
10 hour battery life tracker
101 - 200
£4 each
10 hour battery life tracker
201 - 300
£3.5 each
10 hour battery life tracker
301 - 400+
£3 each

Terms: 20% non-refundable booking fee. Balance paid in full due 2 weeks pre-event date. Carriage charged at £40. Other than carriage costs there is no other charge. Courier fees are not included in the hire price and have been standardized at a total cost of £40 for delivery and collection. 

Hire prices are inclusive of:

  • Tracking software set up. Course, start, finish, checkpoint location consultation and software set up. We will need a GPX file of your course route and locations of your timing points. We provide help and advice on how to do this
  • Upload of your entry list. We will email you an excel sheet to fill out, and then upload this and make any amends via phone or email during registration for you 
  • On the day phone support. A Geo Tracks operator will be on call to update entry data and make any changes needed
  • Waterproof Aquapac.  Use the tracker in any weather conditions on land or water
  • Neoprene ankle strap. (10 hour trackers only) For securing the tracker to the athlete
  • Live view tracking map link. Trackers will appear at the start when switched on
  • Embedded tracking map link. Drive traffic to your event website
  • Simple operations manual. Quick reference guide
  • Staff tracking. Assign staff to show them as different icons on the live view tracking screen
  • Live leader board and real-time event playback. During the event a leader board pull out will be maintained on the live view screen. On completion of the event, the live view link will turn to a results board with links to replay the tracking and watch performance against others 
  • Participant GPX download file. Each finisher can download there GPX in a suitable format for uploading to Strava etc. Great for those with poor GPS watch battery life
  • Geo Tracks navigation app. The app uses a satellite map that focuses and moves with an individual's tracker and provides an efficient aid to navigation Available on iPhone and android

Extra services:

Talk to us if you need help on the ground handing out the trackers. We have tents, table and staff.