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About the Geo Tracks App

The Geo Tracks App takes you straight to the heart of the event.
Use the app to follow your participant as they navigate the course. 
The app also shows you the location of the app users phone, ideal for meeting up with a participant on the course. 
For the best results use the app in areas of 4G to 5G signal or on WiFi.

How to Use

1. Select the event you wish to view.
The selected event will show with a orange back ground. Go to step '2' and select the participant...
2. Select the participant you wish to follow (you can follow more than one in 'settings' within the app). Once selected the screen will go back to the home screen, press 'track now'.
3. Once you have pressed track now you will now see the live view tracking screen. 
By pressing green target icon on the top right of screen your map will auto follow the selected participant.
Go to 'Settings' for further options


1. Satellite
2. Other Participants
View all the other particpants in the event.
3. Participant Bibs
Toggle displaying bib numbers on and off.
4. Display Route
Toggle route on and off.
5. Display My Position
Shows the location of the app users phone (useful when trying to meet a participant on the course).
6. Display Checkpoints
Shows the locations of checkpoints on the course.
7. Display Zones
Shows any area notes organisers may have put on the map.
8. Keep Map Awake
Allows you to go strahight to the last view when opening the map again.


1. Auto Focus
Click the green target button and the map will auto follow your chosen participant.
2. Show users location
Show your location on the map. Very useful for finding yourself! Also for meeting up with a participant on the course. 
3. View one tracker
When its a big event with lots of trackers on the map its much easier to just follow the one you are interested in.
4. View the route ahead
Use the app to look around the whole course and see what lies ahead.
5. Live finish feed
On selected events you will be able to view the live finish feed in real time.

Is the app free?

No. The app costs £3.99 on the app stores. This fee partly goes to the respective app stores as a facilitation fee and partly funds helps to fund the ongoing development and server costs.
Once downloaded you can view any event on the app. You do not need to pay again.

I need some help with the app. Who can I ask?

Please use the 'WhatsApp' facility on the bottom right of our website if you have any questions.

Does the app need moblie signal to work?

Yes. Your mobile will need to be on 4G, 5G or WiFi for you to be able to use the app.