Case Study

The Icon Classic is a downwind 17km surf ski and SUP race. 

By the very nature of the sport paddlers are looking for extreme weather conditions of wind a waves in order for them to ride the ocean swells from start to finish. This creates a unique challenge for the event organiser to create a event that is exhilarating for both experniced and novice paddlers but within a safe organisational structure. Geo Tracks complemented the existing safety plan by providing each participant with a fully waterproof GPS tracker and the event organiser with a live view screen of the race as it unfolded. With a pressing tidal constraint on the operational period allowed for the event Geo Tracks was able to quickly identify wayward back markers and paddlers who had apoted for a early landfall in challenging conditions and allow the organiser to call rescue ribs immediately to those requiring  pick up.

Paddlers started in 3 waves and each passed through the same start 'geo fence' and followed (more or less) a marked route on the event live view map.