Personal GPS Trackers


Designed for sportspeople who operate a little on the wild side. Keep an extra set of eyes on your location to help keep your adventure on track. 

Out on the hills, on the water or on the trail. Carry a Geo Tracks Personal GPS Tracker and know someone is looking out for you.

The trackers work in conjunction with our mobile app. It's simple and easy to use giving your friends and family instant access to your location. 

Whether it's sailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, SUP, sea kayaking, surfskiing, trail hiking, mountain biking, road biking, wild adventuring, snowboarding or skiing stay located, stay safe. 
  • Download the app
  • Switch the tracker on
  • Key in your ID and find your self instantly
  • Share your ID with anyone with the App and let them follow your adventures
  • Set up checkpoints, course overlays, and location alerts

Choose the tracker suitable for your activity duration, from an hours paddle to 2 weeks on the trail. Geo Tracks offers 10-hour battery life all the way up to 150 days of standby time.

For advice, ideas or just to chat over your requirements please drop us a line. 

Keep your adventure on track. Choose from the below

GT70, GPS Tracker.

GT70, GPS Tracker.