Live Event Tracking and Leader board service



Simplified GPS tracking for sporting events.

We provide a live GPS tracking and timing leaderboard faculty for any type of sporting events. Using Geofencing technology to replace physical timing checkpoints on the ground. Showing a live leader board with splits between each Geofence/check point. Once the event is complete participants can then 'Playback' there route history and compere in real time against other participants.

The tracking and leader board service is offered from just £5 per tracker, which we believe makes us the most cost-effective in the UK.

Not only does Geo Tracks provide a great focal point for your event by driving web traffic to your event pages to view the live event but it also enables an organizer to monitor key staff, marshals, and vehicles whilst the live event is taking place.

We make you're organizing the tracking for your event as simple as possible. As part of the service and inclusive in the hardware hire fee, the following is provided:

  • Course upload via GPX file
  • Bespoke named geofenced timing points
  • Off course alerts. Set a buffer area along your event route and receive notifications if any tracker deviates from this area
  • SOS button alarm on each tracker 
  • Uploading of participant data
  • Provision of iframe live tracking map / leader board with your event logo
  • Provision of live timing split and position leaderboard
  • Individual course traces and playback mode 
  • Trackers are couriered to your chosen address
  • Trackers arrive with a full charge and ready to go. All you have to do is issue them to the participant and turn the tracker on

 Ideal for:

  • Ultra marathons
  • Sailing events
  • Kayaking events
  • Mountain bike endruo 
  • Sportives
  • Running races
  • Triathlons

Key advantages

  • Never lose a competitor again
  • Trace route on map
  • Real time race overview map on your website
  • Live leader board showing position, participant info and split times
  • SOS alerts
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Event staff position monitoring
  • Free event set up, entry of competitor information, geofencing 
  • Branded race map
  • Cost-effective. Only £5 per tracker 
  • Medical response. SMS command service. Google map location by SMS demand of participants tracker. Medics can then use google maps to show both their location and casuitles location. Service can also be used to plan the quickest route.

Three event packages:

1.  GPS Tracking and timing for sporting event. Provision of leader board/play back. £5 per tracker plus courier fee for sending and collection. Minimum order is 10 trackers then multiple of 5 thereafter. Fee applies for a weekend hire period. Trackers are delivered by courier on Thursday pre-event and collected on Monday post-event. Multi-day use requires trackers to be charged overnight.  Lost or damaged trackers are the responsibility of the organizer. Replacement cost is £60 per tracker 

2. Live event staff management. Includes map marking for workstation locations, Staff name and photo linked to trackers. £200 up to 20 trackers 

3. Individual participant tracker hire. Affiliate your event with Geo Tracks and let the participants hire their own trackers to use at your event. Geo Tracks will build your event route maps and timing point locations. Trackers will be posted to the organizer for distribution at the event registration. 


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