Individual Tracking

Whether you are taking on an FKT or simply a personal challenge, hiring a tracker from Geo Tracks is the perfect way to stay safe and let your friends and family come along on your adventure.

We have several different types of trackers from hire ranging from ‘Anywhere in the world’ SPOT satellite trackers to small and lightweight 2G (mobile phone network) trackers.

Pre-set and SOS messages can be set up on our SPOT trackers. We can advise you on which tracker is the most suitable for your needs and help you with designing and exporting your course GPX file. Trackers can also be hired for support crews. Enabling all-round location visibility.

Hire prices are inclusive of:

  1. Tracking software set up.

    Course, start, finish, checkpoint location consultation and software set up. We will need a GPX file of your course route and locations of your timing points. We provide help and advice on how to do this

  2. On the day phone support.

    A Geo Tracks operator will be on call to update entry data and make any changes needed

  3. Waterproof Aquapac.

    Use the tracker in any weather conditions on land or water. Note: The SPOT tracker is waterproof without the Aquapac

  4. Live view tracking map link.

    Trackers will appear at the start when switched on

  5. Embedded tracking map link.
    Drive traffic to your website by embedding the tracking map
  6. Simple operations manual.

    Quick reference guide

  7. Supporters tracking.

    Assign staff to show them as different icons on the live view tracking screen (requires supporters to have trackers)

  8. GPS trace playback.

    On completion of your challenge, the live view link will turn to a results board with links to replay the tracking trace

  9. GPX download file.

    Finishers can download their GPX in a suitable format for uploading to Strava etc. Great for those with poor GPS watch battery life

  10. Geo Tracks navigation app.

    The app uses a satellite map that focuses and moves with an individual's tracker and provides an efficient aid to navigation Available on iPhone and Android

Prices from: