Event Timing

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Timing Hire

Simple to use, cost effective live timing solutions for event organisers

Geo Tracks has several options to provide event organisers with a cost effective timing solution'

RFID Remote Reader Station Timing.

Geo Tracks supplies the 'ready to go' live timing system with active RFID chips for the participant to wear and RFID smart readers that relay data back to the Geo Tracks server via their inbuilt SIM cards. This appears on the events results page as a live check point split time and overall result. The Geo Tracks results app can be used to assign bib numbers  on the day at registration or they can be pre loaded.

Multiple RFID smart readers can be used on the course to simulate event tracking, with the event course map updated as the event progresses. Our readers are robust have a long battery life and relay there data to our server over any phone network.

The RFID sytem can be self operated by the organiser with remote assistance from Geo Tracks or Geo Tracks can attend the event and provide a complete service.

The RFID system can also be used in conjunction with the GPS Trackers to provide a robust, complete  event timing and tracking system.


QR Code Bib Number Timing

Geo Tracks supplies the personalised QR coded bib numbers printers file. Used in conjunction with the Geo Tracks timing app, staff at the event can scan participants QR codes to check them in and out of the event, check points and the finish point to provide a robust and highly cost effective solution to event timing. 


Smartphone App Based Timing

The Geo Tracks timing app can be used to simply key in participants bib numbers at any point on the course and or finish to produce a set of results. 


 Example of results display with check point splits

Geo Tracks owns and operates its own RFID remote timing system.

This system can be used in conjunction with our GPS trackers to increase checkpoint and finish line accuracy or as a stand-alone system if an organiser just wishes their event to be timed. 

The equipment is simple to use and suitable for a small to medium size event organiser to operate with remote assistance from a Geo Tracks manager. The timing equipment works in conjunction with the Geo Tracks Timing App where bib numbers can be assigned on the day of the event and any changes made to distance and entrant data.

Geo Tracks have developed a remote checkpoint 'reader box' system that works with our Active UHF RFID chips worn by the participants. Reader boxes are deployed at the required timing points/checkpoints and collect the RFID chip data as they pass within circa 10 meters of the box. The reader box then relays the data back to the Geo Tracks server, which is used to display the participant's live course split times and finish time. This can be displayed as list or displayed on a map, showing location and time.