Duke of Edinburgh

Whether you are part of a local walking or hiking club, cycling or motorsports club, a Duke of Edinburgh group or a school trip, we can provide a bespoke GPS tracking service for you.

With live tracking maps, alert hotspots and participant information available at the click of a button, group leaders and organisors can locate members instantly, increasing safety and navigational assistance.


  • Provision of a live overview screen to view all the tracker locations.
  • Console view showing status of trackers.
  • Own portal login to the Geo Tracks software.
  • Ability to name each tracker and bespoke the live view logo.
  • Ability to set up geo fence checkpoints and out of bounds areas.
  • Mobile phone app showing the live view screen for ease of use.
  • Course overview trace
  • Yearly licensing fee and per use tracker fee. Price on application
  • Option to buy or hire trackers. Variety of battery life available
  • Staff and team icons. Both staff members and D of E teams can be shown on the same live view. Giving leaders greater command and control of the exercise


  • Free software set up and pre-trip consultation for ascertain requirements.
  • Set up geo fenced alerts for out of area movements.
  • Secure login to a live view tracking screen showing the locations of all tracked pupils.
  • Laptop or mobile app view and tracker console view showing battery life, status and last ping information.
  • Parent SMS location option. Text the tracker for a location link to google maps.
  • Allow pupils more autonomy in for there trip.
  • Colour coding tracker marker icons. Useful for quickly indicating different groups.
  • Quick link to google map location of student and your location, instant route planning between locations.
  • Small and light weight trackers with long battery life. Easily stowed in rucksack or pocket.
  • Idea for skiing trips, education trips in UK and Europe, city trips or wilderness expeditions.