Bike Events

Geo Tracks provide long life, cost effective GPS trackers. The perfect solution for long distance, remote bike events. 

  • Event organisers can use the Geo Tracks System as a event management tool
  • Physically keep track of participants
  • Reduced 'ping rate' for long distance events gives our trackers a battery life span of over 10 days in the field
  • Event playback allows participants to re play there route and compare against others in real time
  • Event maps can show days starts and finishes plus check points on route
  • Event staff, medics and others can all be tracked
  • App available for participants and spectator.  The app shows both the phones locations and the trackers location. Assisting supporters to meet up with participants
  • Can be integrated with the Geo Tracks timing / QR code scanning app to produce accurate live results

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