Asset Tracking

Geo Tracks provides a cost-effective, bespoke service for tracking any asset. Our service can stop the disruptive domino effect of lost or missing assets.

The bespoke tracking service is managed by our experienced personal reporting back on daily, weekly or monthly movements.

The self-managed bespoke tracking software is developed with consultation with the client to create a user-friendly, custom online package meeting your tracking requirements. 

Geofences are deployed to report and alert on asset movements, out of bounds areas can be set, over speed alarms etc.  

This service is tailored to the individual's needs. Below are a few projects Geo Tracks has worked on:

  • Asset locating and retrieval program
  • VIP movement tracking
  • Sting operation against potential theft of an asset
  • Unauthorised asset movement
  • Young driver tracking
  • Sales and workforce movements
  • High-value asset movements and shipping
  • Rental fleet tracking 
  • Super Yachts

Discretion, due diligence, and accuracy are important to us so please get in touch with the team if you would like to discuss a potential project that requires these values.