Geo Tracks Supports Lee Spencer

by Ben Mason
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Geo Tracks supports the inspirational Lee Spencer, aka ‘The Rowing Marine’, who is yet again completing another outstanding physical challenge.

Lee Spencer, an ex-Royal Marine of twenty-four years, tragically lost his right leg in 2014 after a motorway accident. Lee did not want his injury to limit him, and proved his incredible strength in 2015 when himself and three other individuals became the first all- amputee team to row across the ocean as part of Row2Recovery’s third expedition, covering 3,000 miles, from the Canary Islands to Antigua in 46 days and setting a new world record.

Lee did not stop there. In 2017 Lee became the world first disabled person to row from mainland Europe to mainland South America, completely solo and unsupported. In just thirty-six days, Lee competed the tough expedition, breaking another world record and creating history. Lee has continued to inspire the public through his incredible resilience and dedication, demonstrating how his disability will not hinder him from achieving his goals.

Once again, Lee is completing another challenge, one that no one has ever attempted. On the 27th of July, Lee began his triathlon of Great Britain, where he is required to tackle 22 miles of swimming, 1,060 miles of cycling and 45 miles of hiking. Kindly, this is being supported, free of charge, by the company Geo Tracks, a GPS Event Tracking technology that allows the public to follow Lee on his incredible journey.

Geo Tracks has provided GPS trackers and mapping systems for an array of events, from open water swimming, ultra-running, expeditions to school activities. The technology that Geo Tracks provides has allowed spectators to follow the movement of Lee by using a live tracking map that can be accessed from their mobile devices. This technology allows anybody to follow Lee’s journey at any point and support him from afar, no matter where we are in the world and no matter what we are doing. This means that it is easy to track Lee on his journey, to view his success and the incredible progress he makes!

As made clear by his recent mission, The Rowing Marine never fails to inspire the public, and it is his dedication that prompted Geo Tracks to support his expedition and to promote the motivation behind his challenge. By viewing Lee’s movement on the map, the true toughness of this event is exhibited to us, making his commitment and enthusiasm clear.

Good luck on your adventure Lee!

by Ben Mason